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Grazie mille, Adriana by Rebecca Bricker

FireplaceIt wasn’t long after I met Adriana Vermi, owner of Tuscan Feeling, that I knew I had found my Italian soul sister.

I found her – and this website – on a Google search as I hatched a plan to move to Italy for a year. I was a single mom fleeing an empty nest after my only child went off to college. Actually, I had sold the nest and much of what was in it. It was a bold move, leaving behind the life I had known for 22 years in Pasadena, California. But I was feeling blissfully weightless and ready for adventure. I’m a writer and for years, it had been my dream to live in another country and write about my travels.

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Santa Croce: The right place for a winning real estate investment in Florence

Santa CroceDante Alighieri, from its wonderful marble pedestal, grimly observes the comings and goings of the Florentines and tourists. Whether it rains or it’s a beautiful sunny day, his gaze seems to follow anyone steps from the beautiful Piazza Santa Croce.

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Immersing yourself in Florence

S.Croce-windowAs the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence still possesses a creative and passionate energy at its core. For that reason, Florence is a city that you have to fully embrace. You have to try to not be influenced by other people’s ideas about the city and to live the city for yourself. Florence is not a city that you can understand by reading about in a travel guide or even by visiting a few times. Florence is a city you have to breathe in and out. It’s a city that you have to experience with all of your senses.

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