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‘Amore’ and food. Learning to cook Italian in Florence is easy!

You need passion for cooking, and a lot of ‘amore‘!

That’s what, usually, all the chefs says. Food is not only nourishing but also comforting, loving, fun, pleasurable, stimulating. If you decided to learn to cook Italian and you want to attend the best cooking schools, Florence is the right city!

Passion and ‘amore’ are not enough to become the best Italian chefs of all the times and maybe take part in Masterchef! You need hard work, concentration and, above all, a good cooking school.

In the historic center, where are many of the apartments that www.tuscanfeeling.com offers in Florence, there’s Apicius: the most famous cooking school of Italy. They provide a professional and academic environment in which students can gain expertise in the areas of business, hospitality & tourism, culinary arts, wine studies, and publishing. It is probably the best you can find in Florence. Discover their study programs www.apicius.it

Italian cuisine is a mix of tradition and innovation. Our cultural origins and food, are always in our heart and they are the first step in the construction of new recipes. Our cuisine is a discipline in constant motion. Our food is not the simple result of an ancient tradition, but a product of constant innovation. That’s why, you should like to experiment with different tastes and textures, taking inspiration from the Italian culinary culture to create your own personal recipes.

Keep in mind that italian chefs, usually, try to remain faithful to the authentic Italian traditions, flavors, and ingredients. Food in Italy, it is not just a simple nourishing, but something more and sublime. It is something that have to do with social life and with self knowledge. In Italy we say that “A tavola non si invecchia” (one does not grow old at the table). It means that the pleasure of good food, wine, and company is can stop the passage of the time.

Since you decided to learn cooking, you’ll certainly need your own kitchen, where you will be keen to exercise and experience. That’s why, we suggest to rent an apartment in Florence. Tuscan Feeling can offer you a choice of apartments with fully equipped kitchens, in the typical italian style. I mean, kitchen with gas stove, oven, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and especially with a dishwasher. We are sure you will appreciate the fact that you have a dishwasher in your apartment in Florence, once you have finished cooking!

If you are a true lover of Italian food or just a curious, there are many people in Florence, that offer fun and informal lessons about florentine cuisine and culture, as it happens in many other parts of Europe and US. We call them ‘chef a domicilio’. You have to agree with them the menu and the price (that clearly changes depending on what you want) and give them some basic directions. They come to your apartment, they cook your dinner and when they leave home, the kitchen is in perfect order. Of course you need to have your own kitchen.

If you dream to learn cooking Italian, you have to come to Florence! In Leonardo and Michelangelo’s town, you will find the right balance between art, food, cuisine and culture, to fully understand the Italian way of life.

Apicius School is located in the heart of the historical center, where you can find many www.tuscanfeeling.com ‘s apartments. We could suggest you, for having an idea, three different locations:

1)    Apt GIRASOLI – Lovely 60sqm apartment located at the first floor of an elegant eighteen century building, in a quiet street of the historical center, between Piazza San Marco and the Church of San Lorenzo. http://www.tuscanfeeling.com/details.php?n=GIRASOLI&submit=Invia&l=IN

2)    Apt. AMETISTA – Cozy 70mq apartment located in an nice nineteenth century building, in a typical street of the historical center, between Piazza San Marco and the Church of San Lorenzo, near the police station. http://www.tuscanfeeling.com/details.php?n=ametista&submit=Submit

3)    Apt. VINCENT - Spacious apartment situated on the second floor of a typical classic Florentine house, located between Piazza San Marco and Piazza Indipendenza, near Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia, the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini and Opificio