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August in Florence? All closed for holidays? Stay calm and enjoy the city!

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Are you in Florence, in August, and think you have the wrong month for your vacation? You are wrong! There are many good reasons to spend the summer in the city, starting with the possibility to park easily and move around with your car with no traffic.
Florentines loves August holidays, so the city is free from the crowds and the lines for the museums are short or non-existent. Shopping malls never close, as well as downtown shops an boutiques. This year, more then 60% of food stores will remain open and all local markets will remain in operation.
To escape from the big the heat and lack of tan you can always make use of the communal swimming pools. You can choose from the swimming pool the Pavoniere, in the heart of the Cascine Park, the crowded pool Costoli (reduced price for those arriving after lunch), and the less crowded pool Bellariva.
Pavoniere are in the Cascine Park, they were fully renovated in 2012. The pool is connected to a nice restaurant and a cocktail bar, in an elegant and refined atmosphere. The place is also ideal for a nice ‘aperitivo’.
If you are looking just for tan catching, a real good place is the Arno Beach, near S. Niccolò. A nice beach, well maintained, with a cocktail bar: a true guarantee place for relaxing after a sunny day in Florence.
Only in August, you can visit every day, the Torre di Arnolfo and Torre di San Niccolò, a great occasion to admire the city from a breathtaking perspective. Tuscan Feeling has many apartments in the area, and is an opportunity not to be missed.
During the month of August, Tuscan Feeling suggest you try the experience of renting an apartment in San Frediano or near S. Croce, in the deep heart of Florence.

Apt. LA TIPOGRAFIA – 100 m2 – 1st floor (without elevator) – for 4 persons


La Tipografia

Tuscan Feeling

Apt. AUREA – 140 m2 – 2nd floor (without elevator) – for 6 persons



Tuscan Feeling


The wonderful Giardino Torrigiani in Via dei Serragli


You want to discover one of the most genuine place of Florence? Come in Piazza Tasso, in the heart of San Frediano, where people still loves Calcio in Costume and shops are still as they once were!
Piazza Tasso is the deepest heart of the district of San Frediano. The square is one of the main centers of the entertainment in the district. You find here a nice garden, which includes a small football field, and many cool restaurants. During the summe nights, the square is a place for concerts and dj set, managed by the Aurora Social Club. You can have drink there (we suggest you a mojito) and a enjoy the show. San Frediano was and it still is, a popular district, with artisan shops and genuine Florentines. Here is the complex of buildings that includes the former Leopoldine Schools (founded by Grand Duke Leopold II of Lorraine) and the deconsecrated church of San Salvatore. The Leopoldine Schools, long remained in a state of neglect, have been restored recently, while the church of San Salvatore, belonging to the municipality, was used as a gymnasium and for many cultural events. In the square, on the corner of Via del Leone and Via della Chiesa, you can see a tabernacle with a fourteenth century fresco, attributed to Giottino or Nardo di Cione, who in 1958 was restored and replaced with a copy.
If you are looking for an ice cream you are right place! In Piazza Tasso 11, there is La Sorbettiera. It is not a place that can easily seen. The projection on the road is a few square meters, but is worth a visit and a careful tasting. The ingredients are chosen and the natural tastes are excellent, the ice cream is stored in traditional cylindrical containers. Even the cones have an high waffle quality. Special mention for the icicles of real fruit: absolutly tasty! That remains between us: It ‘one of the favorite ice cream, also from Tuscan Feeling’s staff!
A short distance from Piazza Tasso, you will find the beautiful garden Torrigiani A large green space between Via de ‘Serragli, via del Campuccio and the stretch of the ancient wall that runs along the avenue Francesco Petrarca. It is a large park with a building called Casino Torrigiani at Campuccio. It is one of the few large green areas, still surviving inside the walls, in excellent condition and is a prime example of the romantic style that marked the beginning of the nineteenth century gardens. The garden can be visited only by appointment and only for groups of 15 or more, the price of the ticket is Euro 20. For reservations you must visit the official website. The long Via dei Serragli, starts from Piazza Nazario Sauro (Ponte alla Carraia) and goes up to Piazza della Calza (Porta Romana). It has a plant straight denoting accommodation sixteenth of the area, when a part of the Oltrarno was rebuilt following the arrangement of the grand ducal court of the Medicis in the Palazzo Pitti. At that time the richest families were in competition to build the most beautiful buildings along via Maggio, Via dei Serragli and other adjoining streets. The area was considered healthier (and most prestigious) than the north bank of the Arno. The street is named after the Serragli family, who had had some important members who held several public positions between the fourteenth and the seventeenth century.
In Via dei Serragli 104, you find one of the most important european jewellery school. Established in Florence in 1985 by Giò Carbone, Le Arti Orafe was the first Italian school dedicated to contemporary jewellery, conceived along original lines that combine technical training, contemporary design, artistic research. It is a place for studying, learning and experimenting without limits or boundaries. The innovatory teaching methods is continuosly updated. The school organizes exhibitions, conferences, meetings related with contemporary research jewellery Since 2005 the school organizes an international exhibition devoted to Contemporary Jewellery, along with the contest/exhibition. Nowadays, Le Arti Orafe is the most important private school in Europe, credited by the educational Authority.
In via dei Serragli you also find Cuculia, a cozy library-restaurant. It is a place where the manicured and tasty dishes’ mix, the unusual atmosphere and friendliness of the staff leads to a feeling of rare relaxation. Fair prices and the quality of the dishes proposed is excellent, with many vegetarian dishes. An oasis of peace in the crowded city center.
If you are looking for a typical and traditional place, you do not have to move much from Serragli Street! Here you will find the restaurant Carlino Diladdarno, in Via dei Serragli 108r, (phone 055 225 001). In the menu you will find noodles lamprey (authentic specialties of the restaurant), ribollita and pasta with zucchini flowers’ pesto. The tagliata with rocket and parmesan is simple and delicious, while the Florentine steak is simply excellent. We recommend the house wine. It is really a quality wine. The environment is quite simple, cozy and refined, in line with the district tradition.
Among jewelry to wear and enjoy, the walk to Piazza Tasso in Via Dei Serragli, offers a glimpse of Florence alternative, with many places of excellence and curiosity to discover.

If you are looking for an apartment to rent or buy in the nearby of San Frediano and Via dei Serragli, Tuscan Feeling suggests you the following accomodations for rent:

Apt. LA PACE – 75 sqm – 2nd floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

La Pace apartment


Apt. SCANZONATO – 55 m2 – 3rd floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

Scanzonato apartment



Handcrafted shoes in Florence

Tuscan Feeling.

Are you angry, tired, depressed, unhappy? Is there anything that can make you feel better than buying a nice pair of shoes?
Shoes and Chocolate, probably, are the favorite antidepressants from each of us! Much better than an analyst’s therapy session.
If you look for the chocolate, Florence can offer you some great places, really delicious.
Florence is best known for shoes. Whether you’re looking for brand shoes, rather than hand-made shoes.
Probably, the capital of the Renaissance is one of the few places in Europe where you can experience the joy of buying handmade shoes by appreciated shoemakers. The historic center’s area of Florence, where they are concentrated artisans shoemakers is the Oltrarno, near the district of San Niccolò.

A well known historical workshop is located in the small and little frequented Via Barbadori, at 19r, alongside Ponte Vecchio. Here you will find the Maestro Calogero Mannina’s workshop, now deceased, which was used to create footwear, authentic unique models created for his faithful clients. The workshop is still alive and filled with forms for the creation of custom-made footwear, each bearing the name of the customer. Peering through the window, you will see the names of many rock stars and Hollywood actors, as well as leading politicians. Tuscan Feeling has many apartments in this street and, for our personal experience, we still remember the skill, patience and humility of Master Mannina’s way of working, which we considered one of the best artisans in Florence.
Near Palazzo Pitti, where Tuscan Feeling can offer you some other apartments for rent, it is the workshop of Mara Broccardi, an artist who creates exclusive models of shoes for ladies. Mrs. Broccardi’s workshop, is located in Sdrucciolo de Pitti, at number 17r,
Recently, the shoe brand founded by Stefano Bemer, a master shoemaker who died recently, was purchased by the prestigious Scuola del Cuoio. It ‘gave rise to a school for those who want to learn how to build and design shoes in a traditional way, it is via San Niccolò, in the heart of the district where you’re talking about. The shop is located in a deconsecrated church, fully restored, became the seat of laboratory, office and negozio.La historical workshop of master Bemer was instead in the district of San Frediano, nearby, in a place that has become a symbol of the city because shoemakers here he stayed for nine months in 2001, the actor Daniel Day Lewis, who decided to learn from Bemer art of creating custom shoes. This new school offers international courses and lessons by the best craftsmen and designers of Florence.
Not far from the district of San Niccolò, in Piazza Santo Spirito 62 / r, you will find the small workshop of Francesco, that produces high quality shoes, with a completely family-run business. Prices are still low and reasonable, and you can order handcrafted shoes. They also provide a fully working worldwide shipping service.
Another fine leather shoes shop in Florence is the Rive Gauche, in Via Guicciardini. It is another family run business that design and produce handcrafted shoes and leather goods for over 30 years. Shoes here have a great value for money, bearing in mind that these are handcrafted pieces.
If shoes are your thing, the district of San Niccolò is the right place to live, if you want to study or visit Florence. Here, the atmosphere of the ancient city of Florence, with its craft shops, is still preserved. Plus, you will be surrounded by art places famous all over the world, such as Palazzo Pitti, Ponte Vecchio, the Boboli Gardens or the Uffizi!!

Tuscan Feeling suggests you the following apartments in S.Niccolò area:

S. Jacopo Apartment

Tuscan Feeling

Apt. S. JACOPO – 75 m2 – 6th floor (with elevator) – for 2 persons

Pitti Apartment

Tuscan Feeling

Apt PITTI – 70 m2 – 4th floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

S. Orsola Apartment

Tuscan Feeling

Apt. S. ORSOLA – 50 m2 – 1st floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

Mancino Apartment

Tuscan Feeling

Apt. MANCINO – 60 m2 – 3rd floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons