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Books & Coffee…in Florence!

Book & Coffee

A cup of coffee and opened book in Florence.

Reading is relax, not a luxury.
An exciting novel, a complicated historical essay, a tour guide or an art catalog, we all know that it’s nice to sit and read, maybe drinking a coffee. When is the right time, we also appreciate the opportunity to have breakfast, do a brunch, lunch or dinner, or having an ‘aperitivo’.

In Florence, since a few years, many new book shops are open, offering the opportunity to eat, drink, read or get lost in rare editions, books curious and alternative press.

If you are in Florence to study, travel, or you has decided to become a full-fledged expat, book shops (with books in Italian, English and many other languages), are the right place to meet new people, relax yourself, follow cultural events and become part of city life.

Nothing better than having an apartment in Florence, in walking distance from one of these book shops! They could become your favourite living room or your office!

Here, you find 5 nice book shop of Florence where you can read a book, have a drink or eating.

Caffetteria delle Oblate

Via dell’Oriuolo, 24.

Nothing can beat the Caffeteria of the Oblate! It is on the second floor of the Library of the Oblate. From its large windows and from the gazebo, it offers a splendid view of the dome and the Cathedral. The café is a cultural meeting point in the city. In the library they are held presentations of books, concerts, cocktails and tematic dinners. You can meet everyone here, sooner or later! The prices are great and the atmosphere is very relaxing, especially during spring.

Black Spring Bookshop
via Camaldoli,10

Black Spring Bookshop is in Oltrarno. Between a slice of cake and a coffee, in an environment that looks like a living room, you can find books and magazines that do not arrive in the traditional distribution channels. It is a truly rare find, where to buy rare editions, alternative press and curious books. The decor of Black Spring is really charming and cozy. Here you can eat delicious cakes, fine tea and many other treats. The monthly program of this library provides numerous events, ranging from presentations to concerts.

Todo Modo
Via dei Fossi, 3

Inspired, by the name, to the famous Armando Sciascia’s novel, Todo Modo is located in the Borgo Ognissanti and It is a modern open space. The peculiarity of this book shop is to match books with wine tasting, with a very good cellar and a briliant sommelier. Approximately, Todo Modo has 15,000 books, new and used, as well as e-books, and a large reading room that is also a place for meetings, performances, screenings, concerts, workshops, seminars, and a bar where you can eat and drink Italian and French wines. At visitor’s disposal there are daily newspapers and magazines of all kinds.

Via dei Serragli, 3

It is a library with an interesting selection of culinary books, as well as two dining rooms where you can dine or simply enjoy a cake or an herbal tea. The menu is varied, with new interpretations of Tuscan cuisine, including some vegetarian dishes.

Red Feltrinelli
Piazza della Repubblica, 26

Acronym for: Read Eat Dream, Red Feltrinelli is in Piazza della Repubblica, one of the most popular tourist spots in Florence. It is a chain of books with national circulation, which offers a restaurant serving fine cuisine and Italian culinary excellence. There are numerous book presentations and a wide choice of editions. The environment can be crowdy and noisy, but certainly enjoyable. The food is excellent.

Do you need an apartment near one of these Book Shops? Tuscan Feeling suggests you the following locations:

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Apt. Camaldoli

Apt. Camaldoli

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Apt. Tecno

Apt. Tecno

Expat in Florence? Tips and tricks for those who want to relocate in Florence and live happy. Lesson 2: The best resources online for an expat in Florence.

American Flag on Palazzo Vecchio

American Flag on Palazzo Vecchio

Are you in Florence for working, studying, tourism or love, and never been here before? Do you miss home?
Ok, we know very well, that you could feel lonely and nostalgic. You only need to find some resources to be able to enter into the life of Florence in the main door.

As Tuscan Feeling we operate since 18 years with people from all over the world, helping them to relocate in Florence and find the perfect apartment to live. We met many people, during the years, and we had the chance to talk with them during a critical point of their life. With many of them, we became friends and we were lucky enough to compare ourselves with their personal life experiences in Florence. Somehow, we at Tuscan Feeling, with our work, we have always had the chance to see our city in a different way.

That’s why, we would like to suggest you some important international resources for people who are expat in Florence or just are wishing to expatriate here.

1) The British Institute of Florence. A real institution since 1917. The Institute promote cultural exchange between Italy and the English-speaking world. They have a strong weekly cultural programme and public tea held every thursday, that is a sort of meeting point for expats. The British Institute offers many courses of italian language and culture, as well specific courses about history of art.

2) The Florentine Magazine. It’s the one and lonely English language news magazine. It is a monthly printed free-press. You can find here English-friendly events listing, jobs, as well as services and friendships. The Florentine organizes monthly events.

3) Living in Florence. Melinda Gallo is blogger and a dear Tuscan Feeling’s friend. She blogs about her life in Florence, since she moved here in 2004, and share her thoughts and feelings about Florence. Living in Florence is a good blog for finding discovering Florence from the expat’s side.

4) Firenze Moms 4 Moms. Dedicated to all the expat moms! Here you can find all the info about life with kids in Italy. It has also a strong presence on Facebook and it is a good starting point for knowing more about public and private schools, events, finding babysitters and talk about kids’ problems.

5) Internations. A members-only expat community that holds events, on regular basis, in Florence. InterNations offers global networking opportunities, local events and expat-relevant information. Keep attention! To ensure the quality of their network, InterNations membership is by their admins’ approval only.

6) Girl in Florence. Georgette is an american expat in Florence and a blogger. She defines herself as: ‘A curious American digital marketing strategist, Freelance writer and a certifiable ‘Tuscan Texan’ living and breathing all things Florence’. She blogs about scooting around Europe & Italy and sharing local spots I love. Georgette’s blog is a great resource of informations for expats.

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