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Carnival in Tuscany

Carnival of Viareggio

Carnival of Viareggio

Are you in Florence or Tuscany in this time of the year? Very well, you’re really lucky! Carnival is coming and Mardi Gras is near! It’s the most fun holiday of the year, it breaks the monotony of winter, and it makes Tuscany a joyful place with many events, for adults and children.

Want some fresh ideas to celebrate at the best of your Carnival in Tuscany?
Tuscan Feeling offers you three suggestions for living a Mardi Gras on smiles and happiness.

Viareggio's Carnival

Viareggio’s Carnival

1. A Classic! The timeless and irreverent Viareggio’s Carnival – born in 1873 – it is one of the most beloved and well-known in Italy. Its appeal seems to increase as time goes on, not only for the giant papier-mache floats (that are true works of art), not only for the irreverent political satire that mocks politicians at every edition and powerful, not only for costume parties that animate all the clubs in the city for more than a month. The real matter is that Viareggio’s Carnival is something very special that make Viareggio a place for fun and parties all along the Mardi Gras.Carnival in Viareggio is a real institution, he loved to madness by its citizens, and anyone can breathe this atmosphere of great joy and forget his thoughts, even for a day. info

Foiano della Chiana's Carnival

Foiano della Chiana’s Carnival

2. If you are seeking fro traditions and roots, the Carnival of Foiano della Chiana is the right place!. The historical village in the province of Arezzo boast the oldest carnival in Italy; almost five centuries old. It is held for five Sundays in a row (5, 12, 19, 26 February and 5 March). Here the magnificent floats are made from four districts – Azzurri, Bombolo, Nottambuli e Rus – and the parade through the streets are accompanied by masks, music and dances. Leading the parade is the king Giocondo, a puppet that the last day of celebration that will be burned in the main square in a spectacular ceremony. It is considered the symbol of winter in the rural culture that is about to end. Info

Castiglion Fibocchi's Carnival

Castiglion Fibocchi’s Carnival

3. We remain in the province of Arezzo for a party in a cool Venetian taste. Here you will find the picturesque medieval village of Castiglion Fibocchi as the scene of the Carnival of Figli di Bocco. It is a very special event animated by two hundred figures, dressed in fantastic costumes and with his face concealed by precious paper mache masks.Sunday 12 and Sunday, February 19th you can witness the spectacle of the figures that are around in the alleys of the village, all enriched by street artists, theater performances and food stalls. Info

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