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Discover Florence by its typical market!

mercato-centraleOne of the best way, especially if you rent an apartment, to discover Florence is to take a walk in its wonderful and colorful markets. It’s an incredible experience and it costs nothing (unless you let groped)! The Florentine markets are the most typical thing that you can find in town, because they are essentially frequented by the Florentines themselves. Keep in mind that, if you live in a rented apartment, the best thing for you is buying your meals in one of these markets. The quality of food and great prices make them the best choice in town!

In Florence there are many typical markets, some in old buildings, some on open air. Some of these markets are open all day long, while others are only in the morning and still others on a monthly basis.

Why take a stroll, for the typical markets of Florence? Because you will get caught by a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, that will bring you side by side with the real florentines, who every day go to these places to do their shopping. You will be surrounded by colors, smells and sounds, that you will not easily forget, and which constitute the most beautiful scenery to focus on Florence and on throughout Italy.

What you will find goods in these markets? Simple: almost everything you can think of! From vegetables to fruits in season, from meat to bread, cheeses to meats, specialties of Tuscan cuisine to trendy clothing from shoes to leather clothing, from books to vintage clothing, from books to organic foods, from antiques to products for cosmetics. And the list could go on for much longer! You’re wondering what are the markets not to miss? Tuscan Feeling recommends some of them.

1)     SAN LORENZO MARKET: it extends from Piazza San Lorenzo and Via dell’Ariento all around the Basilica of San Lorenzo (in the historic center of Florence). It ‘s the most important market of the city where you will find clothing, leather goods, souvenirs, local food products and much more. One of the best choice for people who rent an apartment near Duomo, absolutly! Open Every day except Sunday and Monday.

2)     SANT’AMBROGIO MARKET: It is set up in Piazza Ghiberti and Piazza Sant’Ambrogio inside an old liberty’s building and on open air. Here you find: fresh fruit, vegetables, clothes, flowers, shoes and stalls appliances. Do you like cooking? Do you like cooking in your apartment in Florence? Then enter and you will find fresh meat or fish, pasta, food in general or good cheese. And if you get hungry, try the restaurant at the market, good and cheap. Lampredotto is superb here, we love it! The most comfortable place for those who have rented an apartment near Santa Croce, Ponte Vecchio, St. Ambrose.The market is open every weekend (except Sunday) from 7 to 14.

3)     MERCATO DELLE PULCI: the famous flea market in Florence is located in Piazza dei Ciompi and is open every day from 9 to 19.30. If you can go on the last Sunday of each month, when the stalls extend in the surrounding streets, it will be a truly unique experience! Here you can find furniture for your apartment and antiques, paintings, vinyl records and rare books, coins and jewelry. You can also find treasures at affordable prices and many antiques.

4)     PORCELLINO’S MARKET: Here you can find articles in Florentine straw, hand embroidery, leather goods, wooden objects, flowers. The best place in town for finding typical souvenirs. It is held Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, from 8.00 to 19.00 every day except Sunday and Monday morning;

5)     CASCINE’S MARKET: It takes place in the beautiful Cascine Park (the largest park in Florence). It opens every Tuesday morning from 7 to 14. It is probably the biggest and cheapest market in town! Here you can find trendy and vintage clothes for few money, as well finding vegetables, bread, salami and fruit. In this market you can discover the popular soul of Florence and it is the right place for shopping if you rented an apartment in Oltrarno or near Santa Maria Novella. After shopping, please do not forget to take a stroll through the park!

6)     LA FIERUCOLINA: it is an organic market that promotes organic and biodynamic farming on a small scale, with the products of rural gastronomy and manual crafts, or manufactured completely handmade, natural and free of harmful chemicals. If you have an apartment in Oltrarno you must visit it! It will become your favourite market! Held every third Sunday of the month (except August) in Piazza Santo Spirito (Oltrarno).

7)     THE FLOWER MARKET: here you find wonderful flowers and plants. It is held under the porch Piazza della Repubblica (via Pellicceria), every Thursday morning from 10 to 19.

8)     CURE’S MARKET – This is a really typical florentine market. Few tourists and many florentines! Here you find fruits, vegetables and clothes at a very good price and excellent quality. Piazza delle Cure is a very interesting place for shopping and there are some great restaurants and bars. Those who rent an apartment outside the historic center, keep in mind this market, it is one of the best in the area! It is held in Piazza delle Cure, every morning except Sundays and public holidays;

Take a walk in one of these markets is not just a shopping experience, but a way to know the city as a living it Florentine. A unique feeling that you can experience the best by choosing one of the apartments in Tuscan Feeling for your stay in Florence.

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