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Florence with children. A pleasant and relaxing holiday!

florence-familiesFlorence is not only a place for couples on honeymoon, students, artists and travellers with ambitions of shopping. Florence is also a city suitable for children. A family friendly city!

What could you do to make special your holiday with the kids?

Very simple!

First choose a season in which it is not too hot and not too cold. Autumn and spring are the perfect seasons for strolling the streets of Florence, hand by hand with your children.

Choose, then, very carefully the flight. An eye in saving with low cost, of course! But be also aware that the journey has to be smooth and comfortable for your kids!

At this point, choose the accommodation. We recommend the convenience of an apartment for rent. Not only because Tuscan Feeling is an international real estate agency, but also because we have children!

Among our apartments, there are many perfect properties to be inhabited by children thanks to the convenience of space, secured furnishings, convenience of location in town and functionality of the equipment in the kitchen and bathroom. In the event that your children are very little, we can provide them a baby cot.

Living in an apartment in the center of Florence, you will not have to use public transport to get around the city nor to be tied by the schedules of hotel facilities. You can cook your own, favorite foods that your children love and maybe let them try something new … something Italian!

By the way, if you really think that Florence could be a boring destination for children. Here are ten good reasons to show you that it is not true!

1) Ask your parents to make a delicious snack with typical Florentine hot donuts. You find them everywhere, but the best are at Cucciolo, in Via del Corso. Here it comes hot from the kitchen, on the upper floor, through a tube. They just fall from the sky! What a beautiful magic! You don’t have to ask where Cucciolo is, just follow the smell, when you are in Via del Corso.

2) Ask for a gift for mom and dad with a trick used by hundreds of years by the Florentine children! We are in Piazza SS Annunziata. See the statue of Ferdinand I de ‘Medici? It ‘was made by Giambologna with bronze from cannons by Turkish pirates. On the pedestal is a plaque with a queen bee surrounded by other, lots of bees. The challenge is open: count them all, without fail, and then ask for a gift!

3) Find out, along with your parents, secret routes used by the Medici family to escape the enemies in the Palazzo Vecchio, together with the MUS.E Association. A theatrical and magical journey!

4) Take a walk with mom and dad outdoors, in the garden of the Iris, because this flower is also a symbol of Florence. Cool, shaded in a beautiful panoramic position, collects even three thousand varieties of iris.

5) Stairs & steps! No elevators in the Renaissance! The effort is rewarded by a breathtaking view on Florence. On the Piazza del Duomo, you can choose between the 414 steps to climb Giotto’s Bell Tower, or the 463 steps to climb the dome of the Duomo. Who comes first? Who tells the funniest story in the meantime?

6) The dinosaurs are your thing? You’re like George, Peppa Pig’s brother? You will find many, many bones in the Museum of Geology and Palaeontology. There are dozens and dozens of different breeds of dinosaurs reconstructed in the scale of nature, and hundreds of panels that will explain everything.

7) Beware of your hands! Discover an authentic collection of carnivorous species! Let them lead the Botanical Garden, one of the oldest in the world, created by the Grand Duke Cosimo de ‘Medici. And remember! It is forbidden to feed the plants!

8) You don’t you like to read? We are sure you will change your mind! Let your children be led by mom and dad from ‘Libri Liberi’. In the historical center of Florence, a few steps from Piazza San Marco, it is a library with a garden. In the garden there’s an ancient wall and a small theatre called Teatro del Gallo, with shows and events for children and teens. Here you will find many books, toys, puppets, musicians, actors, and workshops on the theme of “nature”.

9) Paint, sew clothes and built vessels, like the cavemen! You can do so at the laboratories of the Museum of Prehistory Fiorentino for children. How did our ancestors depicted? How did they fabricated vessels, tissues, and other items of daily use? You just have to find out!

10) In the end, mom and dad are in Florence because they love Art! Ok, make them happy and take part in one of the seventy laboratories on artistic themes, at the Bottega dell’Arte, in the Istituto degli Innocenti. You might be the new Michelangelo and Leonardo!

Finally, we would like to give a real advice to your children …

Mom and Dad came on holiday in a wonderful place like Florence. Between a game and a pool, a walk and a donut, let them visit a few museums and do some shopping. They will be happy and you will also be happy for them!


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