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Student in Florence? Why don’t you try to live in a florentine’s own apartment?

Lungarno-UffiziEveryone knows the beauties and treasures of Florence. Yet when you live there, the experience can vary from person to person. Living in Florence has it benefits and drawbacks, but what matter is your well-being!

If you live in a nice fully equipped 21st century apartment in your own country, your so called “new life in Florence”, as far as the conditions, could be totally different. In the center of Florence, you will only find historical buildings and so the apartments have been built centuries ago. Hopefully, that does not mean that you will find just a mantelpiece to heat the place and cook your meals. If you are renting an apartment in Florence through an agency, you will find modern apartments in ancient buildings, provided with WIFI Internet, TV sat and all the comforts you will need for your stay.

If you are going to attend a school in Florence and you are alone, we suggest you to rent a small studio as it is easy to run. We also suggest you to rent an apartment in a walking distance area from your school, of course, in the center of Florence.

Tuscan Feeling manages apartments in central Florence, and we are dedicated to assist clients needs during their stay.

Finding a house in Florence is not easy if you need to stay for a long-term rental period. Many things need to be evaluated indeed: location, noise, transportation, brightness and details related to the apartment itself.

Renting directly from owners means savings. We know it. So, if you are looking for some budget rentals, skipping the agency might seem the best way to get something cheapest. Keep in mind though that some owners don’t care too much about reputation (while all agencies do) – so an owner might tell you a place is silent while it is noisy or that is bright while it is a cave!

Another little advantage about renting through an agency is that when troubles happen, some owners (not all of them) have resolution times that not always are “effective and acceptable”.

Usually an agency, like Tuscan Feeling, has an organization 14 hours 6 days a week that can assist you. And again, worrying for the reputation, they will run for you much faster than a private owner. So the price difference is worth it!

The price changes very much depending on the length of stay and the quality of the apartment.

Let’s say that if you stay one year, a decent one-bedroom apartment will go around Euro 800-1000 a month. A decent two-bedrooms apartment will go around Euro 1200-1400 a month. These prices on longer rentals don’t include bills that run on this kind of apartments at approximately 150 a month, and if you rent through an agency consider 12%-15% of agency costs.

Be aware of apartments that come much cheaper than this, because you have either spotted an incredible apartment for an incredible price (kind of winning a lottery) or it is an apartment where you’ll be scared to stay!

Renting for a long-term period will force the owner to register the contract. That means that at your arrival, you’ll need to get a “codice fiscale”, kind of social security number that needs to be part of the rental contract. Apart from that, only a copy of your passport is needed. In any case, Tuscan Feeling can ask for you your Codice Fiscale and will register your contract.

Renting an apartment can be particularly fantastic if you’re traveling on a budget, especially as a student. A long term rental in Italy is a great option if, say, you want to save money on eating out (you’ll have your own kitchen), if you like the idea of having a living space to relax in (but don’t want to pay for a swanky hotel suite), or if you want to experience “living like a local” (in a local’s own home). Yes, it’s a good idea, but be sure to do it with reliable persons!


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