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A Cappuccino in Florence

A Cappuccino in Florence.


Everyone loves coffee and cappuccino even more!!!
What’s more rewarding to enjoy a good coffee or cappuccino in a great bar?
Only one thing more: enjoy a coffee or a cappuccino with a great sweet !!!

Tuscan Feeling‘s (www.tuscanfeeling.com) real estate agents has a real passion for cappuccino, coffee and especially for good sweets. That’s why, for our tenants, we decided to throw down a list of our favorite 5 bars in Florence.

1) Scudieri (Piazza di San Giovanni, 19) is a very elegant café, right in the city centre. It opened in 1939. The expresso is strong with a great flavour, usually served in porcelain cups. You can find here a huge pastry cabinet and a marble bar topped with silver coffee machine. The venue very inviting and you can drink your cappuccino in a real relaxing atmosphere.

Caffé Scudieri

Caffé Scudieri

2) Caffè Giacosa (Via della Spada, 10/r) Another old florentine café, beloved from the florentines theirselves. Giacosa is pretty famous for their speciality as the espresso topped with cream and chocolate or the tasty ‘marocchino’. Giacosa is a property of Roberto Cavalli fashion brand, who bought some years this hystoric café and made it a real meeting point. Usually it is very busy and crowded. The atmosphere is not relaxed, because Giacosa is a business bar. People here are used to drink their café or cappuccino while talking about fashion or marketing with their colleagues.

Caffé Giacosa

Caffé Giacosa

3) Tuscan Feeling‘s real estate agents are lucky enough (or are not lucky at all, given the continuing temptation to have breakfast here) to work a few minutes away from ‘I Dolci di Massimo’ (Piazza Gualfredotto da Milano, 14/r) It is perhaps one of the best pastry shops in Florence and is located in the south of the city, just few minutes from our office. It ‘a real florentine institution and our favorite place for breakfast. The all pastries and sweets are homemade and they are superfine.

I Dolci di Massimo

I Dolci di Massimo

4) Coccole e cioccolato (Via dei Ginori 55/57r.) Located in the heart of Florence, few steps from Duomo, Coccole & Cioccolato sells the most delicious small pieces of chocolate and cakes for your coffee or tea around. The place is really cozy full of retro gadgets. You can have here a quick coffee break or relaxing with friends.

Coccole e Cioccolato

Coccole e Cioccolato

5) Caffè Letterario (Piazza delle Murate) is located inside the former prison Le Murate in the heart of S. Ambrogio area. The prison closed in 1985 and since then the Italian architect Renzo Piano has transformed the area into a stylish brand new architecture. The Café is right in the middle of the big courtyard. This place is magnificent on warm summer days and nights when you can sit outside and enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. The place offers aperitivo, lunch and dinner and there are several cultural events such as live concerts, dj sets, exhibitions, films or events for children. It is a must if you are studying in Florence. Here you find a fully working wifi and you can spent the whole day studying, skyping with your unlucky friends at home or just looking around for finding a good company for your evenings and nights in Florence.

If you want an apartment in the heart of Florence, Tuscan Feeling suggests you the following accomodations for rent:

Apt. CONVENTO BATTILANI – 70 m2 – 1st floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

La Pace

La Pace

Apt. OBLATE – 40 m2 – 1st floor (with elevator) – for 2 persons



Apt. LA PACE – 75 m2 – 2nd floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

Convento Battilani

Convento Battilani

Expat in Florence? Tips and tricks for those who want to relocate in Florence and live happy. Lesson 2: The best resources online for an expat in Florence.

American Flag on Palazzo Vecchio

American Flag on Palazzo Vecchio

Are you in Florence for working, studying, tourism or love, and never been here before? Do you miss home?
Ok, we know very well, that you could feel lonely and nostalgic. You only need to find some resources to be able to enter into the life of Florence in the main door.

As Tuscan Feeling we operate since 18 years with people from all over the world, helping them to relocate in Florence and find the perfect apartment to live. We met many people, during the years, and we had the chance to talk with them during a critical point of their life. With many of them, we became friends and we were lucky enough to compare ourselves with their personal life experiences in Florence. Somehow, we at Tuscan Feeling, with our work, we have always had the chance to see our city in a different way.

That’s why, we would like to suggest you some important international resources for people who are expat in Florence or just are wishing to expatriate here.

1) The British Institute of Florence. A real institution since 1917. The Institute promote cultural exchange between Italy and the English-speaking world. They have a strong weekly cultural programme and public tea held every thursday, that is a sort of meeting point for expats. The British Institute offers many courses of italian language and culture, as well specific courses about history of art.

2) The Florentine Magazine. It’s the one and lonely English language news magazine. It is a monthly printed free-press. You can find here English-friendly events listing, jobs, as well as services and friendships. The Florentine organizes monthly events.

3) Living in Florence. Melinda Gallo is blogger and a dear Tuscan Feeling’s friend. She blogs about her life in Florence, since she moved here in 2004, and share her thoughts and feelings about Florence. Living in Florence is a good blog for finding discovering Florence from the expat’s side.

4) Firenze Moms 4 Moms. Dedicated to all the expat moms! Here you can find all the info about life with kids in Italy. It has also a strong presence on Facebook and it is a good starting point for knowing more about public and private schools, events, finding babysitters and talk about kids’ problems.

5) Internations. A members-only expat community that holds events, on regular basis, in Florence. InterNations offers global networking opportunities, local events and expat-relevant information. Keep attention! To ensure the quality of their network, InterNations membership is by their admins’ approval only.

6) Girl in Florence. Georgette is an american expat in Florence and a blogger. She defines herself as: ‘A curious American digital marketing strategist, Freelance writer and a certifiable ‘Tuscan Texan’ living and breathing all things Florence’. She blogs about scooting around Europe & Italy and sharing local spots I love. Georgette’s blog is a great resource of informations for expats.

If you want an apartment for feeling at home in Florence, Tuscan Feeling Long & Short Term Rentals suggests you the following accomodations for rent:

Apt. LECCIO – 45 m2 – 4th floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons


Leccio Apartment

Apt. BORGO SANTA – 55 m2 – 1st floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons


Borgo Santa Apartment

Apt. NOVELLO – 85 sqm – Ground Floor Mezzanine (no elevator) – for 3 people


Novello Apartment

A concise guide for renting a student apartment in Florence.

Tuscan Feeling's website opening page


Why a student have to choose an apartment in Florence instead to live in hotel or in other places?

An apartment, provides you a different quality of life for your stay in Florence. You will find yourself hanging around in local markets buying your own bread, zucchini, tomatoes, salami or pecorino cheese. You will have the chance to buy and taste some exclusive bottle of wines with your friends and cook for them your own meals.
You will have all the room you need for studying, designing, painting or just relaxing yourself. The most important thing of all is to choose the right apartment for you.

The first thing most students get wrong, about renting an apartment in Italy, is they assume – wrongly – they can only rent one by the month. It is totally wrong. Tuscan Feeling, as many other international real estate companies, can provide you a long term rental, as long as you need.

Tuscan Feeling rent apartment on yearly or monthly basis. You can also rent apartments by the week, or even for just three nights.

Of course, apartments are rented at different nightly, weekly, and monthly rates, which vary by the quality of the apartment and the furnishing, the number of rooms and people, and the area of Florence where the apartment is. Everything is well indicated in every page of our website relating to each individual apartment.

In addition to technical data, related to the apartment (square meter, price, number of beds), Tuscan Feeling pays special attention to the completeness of the individual descriptions of the apartments. The descriptions, in fact, are the result of our thoughts and observations, after our careful examination visit. In them, you will find the strengths and weaknesses of each apartment, including the number of steps to climb (in the absence of a lift), the exact number of plans and a precise description of the appliances in your home.

We dedicate also much space to the description of the area and places of interest in the vicinity of each apartment. On each page, they are also shown useful places for the life of every day, such as proximity to banks, pharmacies, hospitals, small grocery stores, fruit and vegetable markets, or large supermarkets.

Comparing apartments by our site, it is not impossible, but we suggest you to ask in advance our offers. We could provide you a long list of free apartments, also showing you new entries at affordable prices.
Students are used to send us their request specifying budget and the school they are going to be part. Don’t forget to tell us you what are your real needs, and what you like and dislike. Our goal is to have satisfied clients.

Each apartment’s page on our website are with several pictures. Unlike what usually can be seen on the world wide web, we do not use a professional photographer who embellish the apartments that we propose you.
Our policy is to take pictures when we visit the apartments and to catch, in our experience, the important aspects. Our goal is to provide our customers a portfolio with realistic images, without filters, without wide-angle objectives, lighting installation and photoshop treatments.

We have now lost count of the times in which our customers have told us that the apartment is much nicer than they had imagined, looking at our photos.
For us, as long experienced real estate agents, it is a real great compliment. As amateur photographers, however, it forces us to improve our technique yet!
Tuscan Feeling provides you a professional service. We will send you a contract in english and italian in advance, just for you to know all the rental terms.
A deposit (or caparra) will usually be necessary to hold your reservation. The amount depends from the kind of rentals you have chosen. It is clearly indicated in the apartment page as well as all the additional costs. Long term rental contracts in Italy, usually, doesn’t comprise the utilities: gas, water and electricity, and the final cleaning fee.
The price of the utilities (as well as the final cleaning fee) is also indicated in the rental contract that we will send you in advance. All the utilities, as well as the rental fee, should be paid month per month. WiFi is usually an extra cost and should be asked in advance, for being sure that you can Skype with your parents (or your boy/girlfriend!) as well as you enter in your florentine apartment!
We also ask you to pay a deposit against potential damages. The money will be refunded when you check out. In the contract, you will also can read our cancellation policy.

At the moment of your check in a representative will usually meet you at the front door of the apartment, at a prearranged time according to your travel plan. Be sure to give us a working mobile phone number in Italy and, please, leave it on when you are in Florence!

He or she will lead you to the flat, show you which keys fit which locks, location of the fuse box, where are all the central controls for heating, gas, electricity, water, A/C. For avoiding any kind of problem we will provide in advance a local number to call if you have questions.
Most kitchens come fully equipped, but there are diffences between apartments. So check our website, to be sure that your apartment has dishwater, washing machine, oven or microwave. Towels and linens are provided, but maid service is an extra cost to ask in advance. Remember: You’re living like a local, which includes taking out the trash and recycling. Your host will show how and when you have to do that.

So, live like the locals and rent your own flat in Florence – it will likely be as cheap as (if not cheaper than) a hotel, plus will get you a kitchen and the other amenities of everyday life!

Here you find some suggestions for your stay in Florence:

Apt. S. APOSTOLI – 35sqm – 3rd floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

Apt. S. Apostoli terrace


Apt. AMETISTA – 70sqm – 1st floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

Apt. Ametista's living room


Apt. PAULA – 55sqm – 1st floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

Apt. Paula's living room and kitchen