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Street Food in Florence. A great idea to have a snack as they should.


Schiacciata in Florence.

Street food in Florence? What a wonderful idea! It is the best choice for a lunch, a fast snack or something to eat at night, after a show! Whatever you like and whereever you are, it is always a great idea. It is faster and cheaper than a lunch at the restaurant, and the italian street food hides the true flavors and the very essence of a every town. In Italy we have a real tradition of street food. Living in the centre of Florence in one of our apartments, it is the best way to experiment the florentine street food.

The ‘schiacciata’ it’s a thin baked bread, seasoned with olive oil and salt. Before putting it in the oven, it compresses the dough with fingers in some places, to create the characteristic “holes” on the top. It is probably the most famous snack in Florence. Children love them and florentine all usually grow up eating schiacciata for snack. If you are around the Uffizi Gallery, you have to try the ‘schiacciata’ in a place called All’Antico Vinaio, in De’ Neri Street. It is an historical shop and in 2013 won the Trip Advisor prize for the best street food in town. It is a small and crowdy placel. Here you find many different quality of schiacciata, filled with ham, salami, pecorino cheese, aubergines, souces, artichoke cream or mozzarella. Of course, you can eat your schiacciata with a tasty glass of wine. The place is really cheap and nice, the quality is good, but it is really touristic. Few florentines stop here.

If you want to eat ‘schiacciata’, Pugi Bakery Shop is a real must in Florence. The place opened in 1925 and it has 3 different stores: in S. Marco Square, San Gallo Street and Orsini Street. Pugi’s schiacciata is golden and crisp. Florentines loves to eat it simple, with no filling, but you can also have it filled with ham, mortadella, cheese or salami. You can find here take away pizza, cakes and sweeties. During Easter and Carnival you can find also some tipical florentine sweets as ‘cenci’, ‘frittelle di riso’, ‘schiacciata con l’uva’ and ‘pan di ramerino’.

Another nice place to eat street food is I Due Fratellini. It opened in 1875 in Via de Cimatori since 1875, but in recent times it was bought and managed b two brothers, Armando and Michele Perrini. The place is really small and clients are used to eat outside the door. They are specialist in preparing really Tuscan sandwiches: ham, goat cheese, green sauce, wild boar sausage, raw sausage, eggplant and marinated bacon specialties. The menu features a number of proposals ready to eat, but you can also combine the ingredients according to your fantasy. Behind the counter are wooden shelves filled with bottles of wine, the perfect accompaniment to the sandwich. Panini are cheap and the quality is superb.

Lampredotto in Florence.


If you want to eat the real Florentine street food you have to taste the tipical sandwich with the lamprey, the famous ‘lampredotto, a real institution in town. All the kiosks you can find in town are well known and reputable. Near St. Ambrogio market you will find Sergio and Pier Paolo‘s lamprey kiosk in Via de’ Macci. Another great place is the lamprey kiosk in Via Gioberti. where you can taste lamprey in different versions: in inzimino or with baked beans, potatoes or artichokes. nd the city. How about you come up a bit ‘of hunger?

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