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Wine & Oil in Florence…

Wine in Florence

Wine in Florence

Ok, I’m in Tuscany! Where can I go to buy directly from a manufacturer of oil and wine of excellent quality? The answer is: almost anywhere!
This is a question that many of you will be made, who spent a short holiday in the Tuscan countryside.
And if you’re in Florence? You know where to find a good wine and a good olive oil?
It’s easy, in the Tuscan countryside, find oil and wine directly from the producers, or on am ‘agriturismo’ or in the local markets. In Florence – as in all the towns – it is more complicated, but not impossible!

A typical fiasco...

A typical fiasco…

If you are in Piazza del Duomo you have few time and want to play it safe, there is only one place to go: Pegna (Via dello Studio 26/r). Here you can find a wide selection of fine Tuscan wines, quality olive oil and delicacies. It is an historic mini market in the heart of the city. Fine wines and quality spirits, as well as chocolate and biscuits, can be bought at Enoteca Alessi. (Via delle Oche 27/r), 5 minutes walk from the House of Dante’s Museum.

Another great wine retailer is Zanobini (Via Sant’Antonino, 47), where you live the typical atmosphere of the past. The store is active since 1944. Zanobini is one of the historical shops of Florence. It is located in San Lorenzo’s area (near the Basilica of San Lorenzo and the famous Medici Chapels). Procacci (Via Tornabuoni, 64r) is another good place too. Here you can take a break from shopping, enjoy a glass of wine and decide whether to buy black or white truffles or other delicacies to take away.

Tuscan Olive Oil

Tuscan Olive Oil

If you are looking for oil, you should visit the Bottega dell’Olio, which has a wide selection of extra virgin Tuscan olive oil and flavored with spices (Piazza del Limbo 2/r, behind Via de ‘Tornabuoni).
A good place to buy olive oil in the center of Florence is the Mercato Centrale. These days, the famous Fattoria di Maiano has decided to start a collaboration and make known its own oil to market goers. It is organic olive oil, produced in the hills near Fiesole, beloved by florentines.

Those looking for olive oil and organic wine should visit the small markets that are set up during the weekend in the streets of Florence. It’s numerous exhibitors – all strictly organic and verified – who joined in a sort of association called The Fierucola. The calendar can be downloaded from their website.

If you are looking for an apartment in Florence. Tuscan Feeling (http://www.tuscanfeeling.com/) Real Estate, specialist in short & long term rentals, suggests:

Apt. CUPOLONE – 28sqm – 2 floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

Apt. Cupolone in Piazza Duomo.

Apt. Cupolone in Piazza Duomo.

Apt. SAN LORENZO TURCHI – 150 m2 – 3rd floor (without elevator) – for 8 persons

Apt. San Lorenzo Turchi in Florence

Apt. San Lorenzo Turchi in Florence

Apt. LOUISE - 110 m2 – 1+ 2 piano floor (without elevator) – for 4 persons

Apt. Louise near Santa Croce

Apt. Louise near Santa Croce

Expat in Florence? Tips and tricks for those who want to relocate in Florence and live happy. Lesson 1: finding an apartment and learning italian.


Your house in Florence!

For an expat in Florence, learning Italian is not a matter of life or death. You can live the every day life – grocery shopping for example – just knowing a few words of Italian. However, learn Italian properly, will help you feel at home and be able to face any kind of argument with your new Florentines friends, colleagues or neighbors. A good acquaintances of the Italian language, however, will be useful for facing directly the italian bureaucracy.
Learning italian will be easy for you, living in Florence, just a process of trial and error. So don’t be shy and start using your italian in your every day life!
Anyway, you can attend local schools or having a private teacher, but the best is that you improve your italian every day, in your own life. If you are planning to attend a school, we suggest you: the British Institute, Istituto il David or Linguaviva School.
Once you have learned the Italian language, you will be fully master of your life: you can open buy your own a bank account, read a contract, discuss with a lawyer, read a book or simply chat with friends. You will not depend from other expats in Florence anymore. This will prevent you from having only expat friends and from isolating yourself.
Probably, as many other expats, you will pass through different stages of ‘culture shock’. From an emotional start of full loving for the city to a growing irritation or anger for your new country. It is a common feeling and something that you have to pass by. Everything is connected to your ability in learning italian and start friendships with local people. The more you can express freely with new friends, the more you will feel at home. Anyway, if you are american, canadian, australian english, indian, african, chinese or japanese, you don’t have to embrace the italian style of life in a non critical way. If you love to have a large american breakfast in the morning, you don’t have to eat just a cappuccino and small brioche! Learning italian properly and preserve your roots, will help you to have a good psychological balance.

While in Florence is difficult for an expat to be hired by someone, it is equally true that it is the right city to start their own start-ups. Florence is an international city, attention to culture and to the new initiatives. In Florence, tourism and trade are two fields that produce huge revenues. If you have the right idea, you can do it here. Florence could be not properly cheap for you. Many expat are surprised from the cost of italian utilities (gas, electricity and water), as well from the cost of trains and bus. In another hand, food is fine and cheap. Restaurants are at an affordable price. Fashion shopping in Florence is something that you can become and addict for, but it is not cheap. Taxes in Italy are really high, but health care is cheap and in Florence is a first quality service. As one of the most important italian town, Florence has modern infrastructure systems.

Florence is a town manageable to explore easily on foot. You will discover a large number of public green spaces, as well as stunning architecture. In any case, we suggest you to buy a bicycle. It is the easier and cheaper way to go around town, because Florence has a large and ever growing network of cycle paths.

Even before the language and other useful things, an expat in Florence has to worry about having a place to live. Finding a place to live is a priority when settling in town.
Finding a house in Florence could not be easy, if you need to stay for a long term stay. You have to consider many important factors: cost, location, different house features, transportation, brightness, utilities, furniture. A good tip, if you are renting directly from an owner, if you are looking for a long term stay, might be to take an apartment for one month, to see in person the long term choice.

Renting directly from owners means pros an cons. It should be cheap, but often it is not. Owners are not interest in their house reputation, they overvalue their homes and sometimes they manage people in horrible ways. When troubles happen, some owners have a unacceptable resolution times.

An international Real Estate Agency, as Tuscan Feeling, give great attention to its reputation with clients. We usually help our clients to find the best place at the more affordable price according to their needs. We can provide a fast service as we are at your disposal every day at every time (for any kind of real troubles), via phone, email or in person. The price of an apartment changes very much depending on lenght of stay, and quality of apartment. Take a look at our website for having an idea of what we can offer you or just read our blog for learning more about our policy and way of working.

Renting long term will force the owner to register the contract. This means that when you are in Florence you’ll need to get a codice fiscale, kind of social security number that neds to be part of the rental contract. Apart from that, only a copy of your passport is needed. The codice fiscale is mandatory for working, having a bank account and healthcare. We can help you to get it for an extra price.

Apt. PAULA – 55sqm – 1st floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

Apt. Paula's living room and kitchen


Apt. LORENZO – 80 m2 – 2nd floor – for 3 persons

Lorenzo Apartment

Lorenzo Apartment

Apt. LA PACE – 75 sqm – 2nd floor (without elevator) – for 2 persons

La Pace apartment


Take a walk in the tuscan countryside! Discover the Internationl Festival of Ceramics of Montelupo Fiorentino (June 18-21)!


The beautiful ceramics of Montelupo Fiorentino; masterpieces painted by hand.

Are you planning to visit Tuscany’s countryside? Do you love artistic Ceramics and Majolicas? Be sure to visit Montelupo Fiorentino between June 18th and 21th!
In this small and ancient town, on the outskirts of Florence, it is held one of the most important festival of Europe about Ceramics!

You have to know that since over twenty years, Montelupo Fiorentino hosts the International Festival of Ceramics. The town has an ancient artistic tradition and craftsmanship, since local artisans made majolica artifacts for the noble Florentine families (between 1400 and 1500) and exported their products all over the Mediterranean, Holland, England, France and Morocco too. The goods reached Pisa through the Arno and were sent all over the world.

The International Ceramics Festival is a strategic valuation point of an important story, but also an opportunity to raise awareness of the simultaneous production of high quality. It is not a boring business fair, but a real tuscanian fair!
Coming to Montelupo Fiorentino during the Festival of Ceramics means immersing yourself in a particular atmosphere made of art, creativity, entertainment. You can find here local craftsmen at work in their shops and you can buy their unique works of art, you can find bands playing in the streets as well as historic conferences, tasty food stands with typical food and artistic events. The program of the Festival, as always, is full of events. To not lose them, you should read the program on the official website.

Even today there are in Montelupo about 50 small and large workshops which employ 400 people. Local artisans are distinguished by their experience and creativity, hallmarks of a high quality production. You can also have the chance to see young ceramics’ students selling their latest masterpieces. Take time to see what they do young artists, you could have the chance to do real bargains with them.
You have to know, that in Montelupo Fiorentino there’s one of the most important Ceramics school of Italy (the other one is in Faenza). It is called Scuola di Ceramica di Montelupo .

The Renaissance has left traces of itself with amazing artifacts. You can admire them in the local Museo Della Ceramica; one of the most beautiful in Italy. If you want more you have to put you in search of local treasures, like frescoes, paintings, sculptures, enclosed in churches and chapels in town or in the sourroundings. From the beautiful Tower of the old Priory of San Lorenzo (formerly of San Giovanni), overlooking the village and the valley, which is reached by climbing through the streets of the village. The church was built around 1270 on a more ancient fort. Inside the church, built in 1270, there are two frescoes of Corso del Buono, a Cimabue’s student. The Priory of St. John (a short walk from the Museum), is the main city church. Built in the early fourteenth century, it houses a large painting of the “Madonna and Child with Saints Sebastian, Lorenzo, Giovanni Evangelista and Rocco”, Botticelli’s school, painted at the end of the fifteenth century.

The hills around Montelupo are the essence of Tuscany: between vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees that draw the landscape, you can taste at the table the nice flavors of local farming.
Grilled meats, tasty meats and cheeses are the basis of the local cuisine. Simple and delicious recipes, served in ceramic plates, and season with the famous local olive oil. The wine? Nothing better than to choose among the local labels: Chianti DOCG, Bianco dell’Empolese DOC, Chianti DOCG Colli Fiorentini e Colli dell’Etruria Centrale DOC.
Tuscan Feeling suggests you a dream holiday in Montelupo Fiorentino between art, ceramics, food and unforgettable landscapes.

Take a look at Tuscan feeling’s apartments in Montelupo Fiorentino:

MELMAN – 90sqm – Ground Floor and First Floor – for 4 people


Cozy apartment near to Montelupo Fiorentino.

VILLA DESIRE – 600sqm – Ground Floor – for 6 people


Nice Villa few minutes from Montelupo.